Unique Christmas themed and New year gift
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PVC USB Christmas Drives or keychains or
100% custom shaped gift / swag.

We have a wide range of promotional corporate Christmas gifts that are sure to put a smile on your recipients' faces. From Christmas USB flash drives and keychains to mug sets and bluetooth speakers, we have something for everyone. And of course, all of our unique corporate Christmas gifts are customised with your logo or message, making them even more special.

100% custom shaped USB Sticks from MEVE.

Promotional christmas themed usb drives. Made from premium pvc material in a shape of your choice, we can make usb drives in any shape such as your logo design, a christmas themed item or any object. This festive season promote your brand with a promotional christmas usb drive. Or your logo / brand printed on our avaiable christmas themed usb flash drives colloections. like below 

For those seeking a truly unique present for esteemed colleagues, business partners, or important contributors then you may be seeking a gift with a higher price tag and more luxurious contents. For truly special personalised Christmas gifts you can't beat these high-end logo-branded rewards.

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